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Then & Now


Leica III 1939
by Thomas Alix Johnston, on Flickr[/IMG]

When I first started using Leica cameras back in the mid-seventies, my first was a screwmount black dial IIIf, a mid-century classic. I used it for a couple years before my next one, a IIf red dial from 1956 that was 20 years old when I started using it. I had a CLA done and it was my daily camera for the next 20 years. It served me well with a 35mm f/3.5 Summaron, and I carried it on my travels up and down the west coast, across the country, in the pnw rainforest, deserts of the sw, and across the Atlantic.
It was dependable and worked flawlessly after its initial CLA and I imagine it could still be going strong. It saw less use after I upgraded with a 30 year old 1963 M3. Dependable, rugged, beautiful, it too worked flawlessly.
I had a lot of fun using other Leica film cameras, M2, M4, M6, and M7, and still have a couple threadmounts, one from 1939, pictured here, with an interesting history.

In the digital age, with rapid advances in technology providing us with new cameras on a regular basis, I find myself thinking about my next upgrade. Iím surprised that my current camera is already 10 years old, and still going strong even though it did have a new sensor a couple years ago. Times have definitely changed, as has the market for used cameras. It is much different now than when you could find a 20-year old camera that you didn't have to worry about and that would provide a lot of quality time for many years to come.
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Great looking camera and wonderful history!

A Leica IIIa with 3.5cm Elmar was my very first Leica camera. I'm a person who got into film cameras about 4 years ago and always wanted to try a Leica because everyone always told me they were the 'best'. Anyways through my travels and buying and selling different cameras because, well, it's fun to try all of them right? I eventually came across the IIIa and used it a lot for 2 years or so on the streets of Santa Monica and the Pier.

While still using my IIIa. I began having urges to find a M2. This craving for the M2 eventually gave way to a plan to sell my trusty IIIa and the Elmar with it to fund my future M2.

My planning and the selling of my IIIa and Elmar got me a M2. After using the M2 for a few months I found myself thinking about the IIIa quite often.. But why? In theory the M2 is better in every way.. But, something about the 1935 Leica I missed. Call me crazy but I enjoyed the IIIa way more than the M2 and I greatly greatly regret selling it. Needless to say I eventually sold the M2 as well and now I use a R4M. That IIIa though...

Sorry, most people I tell this story to in person don't understand but I'm sure people here can maybe relate to my regret.

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