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Any help with old Rolleicord?
Old 07-06-2015   #1
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Any help with old Rolleicord?

Hello All
I’m a new Rolleiflex/Rolleicord user. One can say, back to the roots, my first camera was TLR, Start.
I have found at the flea market old Rolleicord I (K3-511). It wasn’t expensive and I thought that maybe I can try to restore it.
Overall it’s in good condition. Shutter and diaphragm work fine. Well… long times seems to be much too long in reality but I hope it can be fixed
somehow. Optics are clear. The main problem is focusing hood which is badly bent and focusing screen which is almost useless. My question
is, if focusing hood/screen from other Rolleicord/Rolleiflex can be used to replace damaged items. If yes, what model(s) is possible donor.
As for the focusing scren alone, I hope I can order one from Rick Oleson, can’t ask him directly right now, “gone fishing”. Still it won’t solve hood problem.

I have also noticed another problem with film winding knob. Under "leather" cover there are two round holes and inside the knob there is spring (?).
From time to time (after rotating knob) loose end of that spring is protruding from one of those holes. To turn the knob I have to place loose end inside knob by force. I have no idea if the spring is broken (or something) and need to be replaced. Or maybe I can just cover those two holes… probably bad idea, someone placed them there with a reason, for maintenance maybe.
Any help will be appreciated.
PS. Since English is not my native language please forgive possible mistakes. I have tried to explain everything best I could.

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Old 07-06-2015   #2
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Mark Hansen at http://www.zeissikonrolleirepair.com/ might be able to help
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Old 07-07-2015   #3
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take the front apart and bend it back

try to find a explosion diagram on google to see what has to be unscrewed and what doesn't need to be. Might be it's just the face plate that is bend.
Remember where the shims go under the focus plate were - well you might need to calibrate for infinity anyway.

Untitled by Kay K, on Flickr

as for the screen - you could also buy a Mamiya RZ67 screen and cut it to size
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Old 07-07-2015   #4
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He writes "focusing hood" is bent, which i would guess means the chimney finder, NOT the lensboard of the camera.
The hood can also be bent back i assume, and easier to access than the lensboard.
If it is the lensboard, it is a rather difficult fix (unless one replaces it) provided you want to get nice uniform focus field at the end.

I would assume Rolleicord "focusing hoods"/screens are interchangeable between models up to the Va/Vb (which had a removable waist level finder), but that is only my assumption.
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Old 07-07-2015   #5
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Your hood is likely quite repairable. Hopefully it's conditiopn is not a result of an impact that may have caused damage yet to be discovered.

My advice is to carefully remove the hood and focus screen.
Once removed, you will have access to the mirror and rear element of the viewing lens as well as the bottom of the screen itself.
If non are severely scratched or eroded, you may have some luck improving the view with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces.
Be very cautious when cleaning the mirror. Google for a video tutorial and take your time.
If the mirror is in bad shape a new screen from Rick is not going to help much if at all.

As for the bent hood. Does it look like you can tune it up? Donors are out there if not.

Here is a DB with serial numbers matching to model names/numbers. It will help you find a proper donor.

If you find your camera is worth sending in by all means do so. If your efforts uncover a camera unfit for restoration well... you have a parts donor at least

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Old 07-07-2015   #6
Kostya Fedot
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You'll be back to repair department, not to TLR with this one.
My first Rolleicord was III and it was in "after Drezden bombing" condition as someone described.
But yours is worse. I fixed mine except patina in the lens and sold it for $35 after buying it for 60...
Yours needs to be opened on top, front and on the side to fix it.
Find serial number, google for Rolleicord serial numbers list to find model.
Google service manual for it. Where are some videos as well.
Your shutter needs CLA and this alone is long procedure.

After selling my trashed III I purchased IV. Fully working and after recent CLA.
For $200 you could get one here or on APUG.org.

If you want to start with Rolleicord TLR, not with repair and CLA self-training.
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Old 07-11-2015   #7
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Thank you for all the answers. I have opened top of the camera to check mirror. It has some yellow dots/stains but I think it's not that bad (considering it's age). There are also bad news. I understand, that mirror should sit tight between two screws on sides. In my camera it's loose, moving free (from side to side) between those screws. Probably mirror mounts should be tightened in some way. Focusing screen, like I said earlier, must be replaced. I think hood still can be used if I find the way to replace rivets connecting hood parts.
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Old 07-11-2015   #8
Dan Daniel
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Phoots? Verbal descriptions of camera parts can be hard to comprehend.

The loose mirror- maybe there should be a spring behind it pushing the mirror against front stops? These are curved metal springs in later models, not coil springs. Later Rolleis (I don't know your model) had tabs that were either cast in place or screwed down to a stop that determined the front surface of the mirror, then a spring(s) behind to keep the mirror against these tabs and to keep it from moving.
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Old 07-12-2015   #9
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As a follow up on Dan Daniels comment here an image of such a spring in a Rolleicord III :

Rolleicord Removing Mirror (11) by Hans Kerensky, on Flickr
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Old 07-19-2015   #10
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There is no spring under miror in my camera. But I think, that it's quite possible, this camera has no spring at all. If mirror is a little wider, then it will be perfectly secured with screws only. Either it is not original (too small) mirror or I'm missing something important. BTW in my camer focusing screen is more likely not original. It's a piece of plastic (!).
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