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Nikon Historical Society Jason Schneider is perhaps the world's most famous expert on camera collecting.  Over the course of his long career he has been a photojournalist, a commercial photographer, and a camera test lab manager.  For 18 years he wrote his incredibly influential Camera Collector monthly column at the still deeply missed MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY magazine where Jason was also Editorial Director. Modern was followed by his 16 year stint as Editor-Chief of Popular Photography, then the world's largest imaging magazine. Along the way many of his Modern Camera collecting articles were republished in the wonderful 3 volume set JASON SCHNEIDER ON CAMERA COLLECTING.

Focusing on a wide range of interests, Jason has been an avid photography enthusiast, writer, and lecturer amazingly enough since his early teens.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington Square College of New York University, where he majored in English Literature, minored in Classics, and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Schneiderís poetry and critical essays on poetry have been published in the NYU college literary magazine and in various collections.  He's currently working on a book on Emily Dickinson's poetry "Understanding Emily Dickinson. A Reader's Guide To The Enlightened Master."

Jason is an expert on most things photography:  no only camera collecting and analog photography, but also digital photography, the history of camera design and technology, the business of photography, what it is to be a photographer, and as he once proved to me, the best place to buy bratworst at Photokina in Cologne. If all of that was not enough, Jason is genuinely one of the nicest, most knowledgeable and interesting human beings you will ever likely have the good fortune to meet on the net.

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I have a problem with a Nikon PC 85mm lens. When I attach it to the Nikon S-M adapter then it sort of sticks and the whole turns very stiff. The adapter on itself is buttery smooth of course; also the lens turns rather easily. The combo fails.
The bayonet engages correctly. [So it is not like the video a few posts back]. It can be put on and off with relative ease. There is no play.

Having looked at it, it looks as if the lens lips or flanges that stick out in the back touch the inside of the adapter, and this way forces the two sides of the helix out of each other.
I tried it on a C-M adapter and there this sticking is was there too, albeit heavier, because I could feel the spring in the lens starting its action and it was hard to reach both sides of the distance scale.
Is this known? How to remedy?
Nil camera, sed usus (after an emblematic text)
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Originally Posted by xayraa33 View Post
You can try using a Nikon Z to Leica M adapter combined with Amadeo's various Nikon/Contax external/internal bayonet mounts to Leica M adapter to suit your various Nikon S lens mounts.

Thanks. I was able to obtain an Amedeo adapter and tried it with my Leica M to Nikon 1 adapter on a Nikon 1 V2, and it worked spectacularly with all my lenses, including the 3.5cm f1.8 and 2.1cm f4. So once I've saved up for a Z6, I'll get one of the adapters you mentioned so I can use my Nikon S mount lenses with a digital sensor.

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I've read through the thread but don't see any reference beyond compatibility. Is anyone else using the millenium Nikkor 50mm on Leica digital?
How is your RF focus accuracy?
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