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Nikon D7000 to D7200?
Old 03-27-2017   #1
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Nikon D7000 to D7200?

For those of you who have changed from the D7000 to the D7200, what did you notice most about the change? I have been thinking about moving from the D7000, which is still perfectly fine and functional, to the D7200. However, I would need to learn the quirks of the new camera, and I am very comfortable with my present one. Is there any really noticeable difference between them? My other choice is, as I see it, to get a wide zoom and another tele zoom, and perhaps a 50mm f/1.4 for a prime 75mm equivalent and continue taking pictures with the old camera and my (now) expanded lens set.

Thank you to all who reply.

With best regards.

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Old 03-27-2017   #2
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There's essentially no difference between the D7200 and D7000, other than a few minor differences, such as a higher MP count (24 MP vs. 16 MP), a marginally larger screen (3.2" vs. 3"), and a few connectivity add ons, such as NFC and the ability to fire your shutter via a smartphone connection.

I had a D7000 for a few years until I made the jump to full frame. I think it would be well worth your money to do the same, unless you're comfortable with spending a good chunk of change for a minor upgrade.

As for form factor, there's also no real difference. According to a quick google search, the D7200 is 15 grams lighter than the D7000 which is virtually negligible.
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Old 03-27-2017   #3
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If your D7000 is a MIJ one I would keep it till it croaks. The 7000 has somewhat of a following nowadays according to what I've read. You can get more info at the major Nikon forum board that is now free (after a long run as a pay for subscription model)

I just noticed you are no spring chicken...keep the 7000 and treat yourself to some new glass...then shoot it like you stole it!

The only upgrade I see for you is a Df.
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Old 03-27-2017   #4
Ronald M
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7200 does not have AA filter to blur the image.

D500 is proper upgrade or FX D750 or 800 series. FX may require some new lenses.

If you do not want to buy FX lenses, just keep what you have.
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Old 03-28-2017   #5
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Originally Posted by Pfreddee View Post
..and I am very comfortable with my present one..
So, why change?

You'd be better off adding that 50/1.4 instead, as that would expand your photographic horizons far more than a minor camera upgrade.
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Old 03-28-2017   #6
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Another vote here for keeping the D7000.

I'm in the same boat - I could upgrade, but why? I see no need. The big upgrade for me came when I bought the D7000, which compared to my older camera (D80) offers a bunch of new features that I really use and rely on a lot. User-customizeable presets, front and rear IR receivers, much better high-ISO performance, MUCH much better long-exposure low-noise performance, larger buffer size, faster "motor drive", built-in level (in the monitor or on screen) and even live view (which I never even considering needing until I found a few situations where I do use and rely on it). Any improvements beyond these would be incremental and probably not worth the expense.

I have a FF D750 too so my needs are satisfied for the forseeable future, both full frame and DX.
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