American Road Trip 1979 on Kodachrome

X rated color movies cost more than a brothel guide.
Yes... In 1979 Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona had street blocks of them. Mostly in the industrial-manufacturing suburbs of those cities.

I noticed them entirely in passing, of course. Of course...

Thinking back to that era in my life, I distinctly do not recall ever having gone into one such shop - but they were there, and so many of them.

Now, with the inevitable bittersweet deja vu of old age, I wonder if I missed anything. Mine has been a sheltered life in many ways.

Of course there are many such shops now in Melbourne and Sydney. So I could... no, I prefer my lofty illusions to dismal realities, the latter of which there are nowadays far too many in our sad world.
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Can I be the first to say it - I hope you find more boxes of your 1979 slides...
Thanks, but no hope necessary - I've scanned them all to TIFFs, and am slowly working my way through processing the scans (dust and hair removal, some colour adjustments where necessary), resizing and saving to JPG. It's a slow process, not least because I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. Thanks for your patience!
@lynnb your photos are making me want to go visit Yosemite again as I was there as a youth when we vacationed there in the early '60's. The only problem is there's so many dang people there now it's not like it used to be.