Massachusetts Boston area meeting??

Thanks Harry for organizing!
It was very nice meeting all of you for the first time and i am looking forward to another outing.


Great to hear that you guys had a great Meet-Up.

Also I'm not surprised at the big turnout of gear. Its a great opportunity to check out new lenses. Hopefully the GAS isn't too bad.


Also, Harry brought along some very nice prints he had made. Overall I had a really fun time talking cameras, backgrounds, trips, technique, etc. The other patrons must have thought we were nuts when everyone starting pulling out one or two cameras and a host of lenses... LOL I think it added to the fun. Anyway, BIG THANK YOU to Harry for setting this all up! We should definitely do this again. Also, if anyone is interested in a Boston photo outing I am definitely interested in tagging along.



P.S. I didn't notice who won the door prize?

Rick Karash won the door prize. I had changed the prize from one of my prints to a print from any file chosen by the winner. (It was also safer that way; suppose the winner decided he didn't want one of my prints. :eek: )

We are still a bit suspicious of Rick, however; he managed to pick his own name out of the hat. :D

Here is a (G9/flash) shot of us GASing over all the goodies on the table. We all agreed that the meet-up was a lot of fun, and that we should make it a regular event.

Once the warm weather arrives (if ever) we should schedule another meet-up. Any suggestions on timing and venue are most welcome.


(The poor quality of the attached photo is the result of a 10x reduction in file size auto imposed by the attachment process.)


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I am new to the RFF. Hello from Somerville via Brookline via Swampscott :) I was wondering if there might me another Boston area meet-up.
Mark Garfinkel