Camera and Coffee


Rich Silfver

Just realized that today is the global 'take your camera for some coffee'-day!

If you got'em - post 'em :)
Here's Mine:
Leica M6, 50mm "Summi", I like it black!
My Kitchen Coffee House
Is it the Starbucks or the Leica Joe? Be strong, our Rs will battle on just as their Ms do!

I must admit though, that Lugi case looks sweet.
very sweet - fortunately i have never used a case and doubt i ever will.

starbucks tastes burnt to me - just my humble opinion.

i like leicas much better than starbucks.
but i really like the r too. i guess there's no accounting for taste, eh?
i had hoped to get an r2 but maybe another r (for backup of course), then an r3.

here's my contribution. please forgive the hilariously low resolution. this is taken with my only digital camera, the "vivitar capture 35" a hybrid digital/35mm thing that i bought on a whim. i had to buy it just to support the idea of hybrid cameras in general.

can anyone identify the rangefinder?
rover, i saw that ad. i assume the 400 is american which translates to about 540 canadian. that's still a good price as new they go for about 880 canadian.
if i only had a spare 540...

Crikey, I looked at that ad too and began wishing I had an R2 to go with my CL. And last night I *almost* bid on a Canonet QL 1.7.

It's dangerous hanging out around here :rolleyes:

I tell ya Joe, once you get past it and get to liking Starbucks, it too is an addiction :D

gene, i am a coffee freak!
i have given up many things for health reasons but told my doc that if he ever put coffee on the list i would sign up at the undertakers.
i love coffee, even tim's and costco's kirkland columbian but can't get used to starbucks.
of course if it were the last cup on earth...

btw - that r2 would go great with your cl - just think 2 cameras, 2 bodies - no waiting!!!

Joe, we must be soul brothers. I could give up many things, but NOT coffee. I like Tim Horton's too -- I'm not too fussy as long as the coffee's reasonably good :)

Yeah, an R2... You guys are bad influences ...

I'll guess Minolta AL, looks pretty close to mine from what I can discern with my beady little eyes.