Cameras and watches.

Just got this back from cleaning and a tuneup. It’s a Bulova Spaceview Accutron from 1967. The Accutron was pre quartz and used a tuning fork vibrating at 360 cycles per second to regulate the movement. Place the watch up to your ear and you can hear the tuning fork.

This one was a 50th birthday gift from my wife 25 years ago. I have two more out for cleaning. One is a 1966 stainless with stainless face and was a graduation Gift in 1966. The second is a 1970 Spaceview that’s in a more square brushed stainless case.

The second images shows the battery cover and key for setting the time.

The accuracy on these are quite good and we’re used in missiles to regulate systems as well as in several space capsules and astronauts and SR71 pilots were issued these.


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The Bulova Accutron was a ground-breaking watch design. Great to see one in use now! :)

It’s interesting they can be bought at reasonable prices and that they don’t get much recognition despite their history. Like any other mechanical watch, repairmen are becoming more scarce but there are still several that service them and have a good stash of parts.

This one I’ve had 25 years and my regular stainless since 1966.