Canada Canada, eh?

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2:52 AM
Mar 28, 2009
Two weeks ago, I flew 13.950 km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Mississauga, Canada where I'll be staying for a while and intend to cover my surroundings, mostly with the Leica SL2-S and a variety of m-mount lenses. Please contribute to this thread when you have Mississauga pictures to share. Cheers, OtL

The new morning coffee view. Leica SL2-S - Voigtlander Nokton 1.2/35 V.1.
I drove through Mississauga from Ottawa for 30 years to visit my parents in Stratford and never once stopped to take a picture :( . Peter
Sauga is huge by now (for Canuckistan measure) and it is widely different. 75% are not born in Canada. Don't forget, Pearson is where 90% of newcomers are landing to is the Sauga.
I go to Starsky on Dundas and W. Churchill. This is where real food is. And Mandarin restaurant we like too. And busy Costco. Across is where I was able to purchase Ukrainian flags and I still see them on vehicles where. Square One is high-rises, environment disaster, but closer to the lake you get it just lovely.
I rode once from Sugar Beach near Toronto DT back to our windy/dusty outskirts on Escarpment and the ride through Sauga was a joy.
Dundas and Dixie where I go for check up and person who does it speaks Russian to me.
My family will benefit if we move where is Lakeshore Go train nearby is.
Canada. O'eh.

A few days ago, a hawk landed on the corner post of my deck. Neighbors have spotted a fox. We're seeing fewer squirrels than before. Leica SL2-S - Voigtlander Nokton 1.2/35 V.1.
How do you spell Canada? Easy... C, eh, N, eh, D, eh.

Now that is funny. ROTFLMAO. And I love Canada, I lived there for grad school and learned plenty more than my area of studies. Like, "Peace, Order and Good Government" is more than a catchy slogan, it's a damned good idea. And you Canadians, when you think your government sucks, just look south for a bit, eh.