Canada Canada, eh?

The view from our deck. My first Autumn since 2016. It's getting nippy but I don't mind the Seasons as long as the snow shovel stays in the garage. Leica SL2-S - Voigtlander Nokton V.1 1.1/50.

Very nice OTL. I am enjoying your Fall shots and can almost smell the leaves. Glad you can enjoy Autumn again - a lovely time of year. We are reaching a bit past-peak here in New England but there are still spots of intense colors around. Totally agree about the snow shovel!

Sundown behind our house. While sitting there during the past 3 months, I've seen: a hawk and her chick; a blue jay; a woodpecker; a few thousand squirrels; a handful of rabbits; a fox; a skunk; a coyote, and last night, a possum. End of the season but today it was 24C, well above the median temperature for this time of the year. Leica SL2-S - TTArtisan 5.6/28. Cheers, OtL
Daughter entering the University of Toronto; family visits, and house repairs. I'll return to the tropics at the first skiff of snow. Cheers, OtL