Canon EF mount lenses on a Leica SL2-S body

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12:09 PM
Mar 28, 2009
Is anyone using Canon EF mount lenses on a Leica SL2-S body?
- Which adapter with full electronic comms are you using?
- Is there a list of compatible EF lenses?
- Does the autofocus slow down a lot with your adapter?

Lotsa questions. Many thanks for your feedback. Happy New Year, OtL
I have an SL(601) and have been reading threads regarding EF adapters, for both SL2/SL2s the Sigma version is the best. I just bought a Novoflex EF adapter for $25 shipped, waiting for it to arrive! The Novoflex only works on original SL(601)
Thanks, David, and analoged. In the meantime, I've found a Vitrox EF-L adapter that is supposed to work with the SL2S. Cheers, OtL