Digital Black and White.

Thank you all for the well wishes and good thoughts.
Those are some lovely photos, Shab! I look at those scenes and can't wait to be well enough to go hang out on a warm beach like that.

That's what I was supposed to be doing this past week. This miserable kerfuffle obliterated my last travel plan for 2023: a week long cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo to Puerto Vallarta. Grrr... 🤬 A ruinous year, 2023. I'll be glad to see it gone.

When I read your first words it gives me a pleasure... thank you!

I hope you will finish the 2023 better! Courage!!

Donostia. X-Pro1 + Zuiko OM 35mm 2.0
More great photos! You're all keeping me looking up! :D

Meanwhile, in the "not digital, not black and white" moment, my brother's granddaughter sent me a get well card she made for me when she heard I'd been injured. I have to share it ...

GDG + Get Well Card #1

GDG + Get Well Card #2

Taken with Polaroid SLR670a + 600 Color Round Frame, using a tabletop tripod and a self timer to make the exposures.

Fortran? Or just calling BLAS?
Fortran-77, Open Watcom v2. I wrote my own software for processing the DNG files from the M8, M9, and M Monochrom. Little Endian format.
The M Monochrom code adds a gamma curve using a look up table to convert 14-bit values to 16-bits, and changes the Black value to one that better matched my camera. Parses the fields in the DNG headers and changes them.
The code also corrects bad columns and hot pixels. Bad columns are not dead- just have an offset that drags the column down. It's not just a constant DC offset. The code computes a local DC offset, then adds it back in. I used to get paid for this stuff in the 1980s. Now- just for fun. I've never used BLAS. I've used the mixed-Radix FFT from the old IEEE package for some 40+ years now. But that's about it.

To quote me from 12 years ago...

I never trust my brain to remember how to do anything.

That's why I do everything in FORTRAN. That way all I have to do is read the code to remember how to do things that I forgot that I ever did in the first place.
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Oooh Shab ... This last is terrific! :D

Thnak you Godfrey!! I was eating "churros with chocolate" with my mother and my son and the light was going down... then I saw a "scene" in my mind, I went to the point and waited for a while... with my camera in my eyes, waiting for a subject in the frame... one minute later came "them"...

I love to be slow, to wait with my camera, looking through the viewfinder, until a "subject" comes... and in this case Sibelius 7th was "resounding" in my mind