Digital Black and White.

Jordan's new look - she wanted to document it following a weight loss of over a hundred pounds by diet and exercise. She literally started crying when she looked at the photos. 'Said it was because she'd seen beautiful photos of other women all her life and never imagined it could be her. I think she looked beautiful even before the weight loss.

D4_10075_v1 by Brusby, on Flickr
Leica M9p, 90mm Elmar f4 three element

I wasn't trying to emulate the famous Ansel Adams photo of Half Dome -- it's just that this was the only clear view I could find from close enough to avoid atmospheric haze and not have trees and other obstacles in the way, which ironically is a dumping station for RVs. Even so it took a while to find a clear view through a mass of tree branches.

L1007920 by Brusby, on Flickr
I feel like I got a lot of posts out of this one afternoon's lighting "setup" which was really just some south-facing windows in a medium sized living room. And Brusby's excellent pix just above shows: the light is the key. With good light, good portraits are a snap.

Nikon Z8, 85/1.8 S, Auto everything, just about, and IBIS on.