Everyday Bag is the Camera Bag.


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8:25 AM
Jul 14, 2013
I had two everyday bags for more than one decade. They are camera bags. Large old style camera, laptop Domke. I'm using it on travel and rain days.
And most used Tamrac Rally which is worn out now and I have to replace it with unused Tamrac one.
It still fits a lot even by been smaller.


Full sized headphones, bike lock and dual set of valets, plus two passports, knife and more smaller items. And food for 11 hours :)

The problem with this one is not the size, but wrong design.

Benefit of camera bag as everyday bag is in width. It is wide enough to accommodate food containers, sandwich packages and so on, including pack of eight beers :)
But any bag with zipper on top sucks as everyday bag. It doesn't do much, but clumsy and time consuming. Zipper is nuisance if you have bike or longboard in one hand and need to pull out wallet or phone during five days a week commutes. Or dog on leash in one hand and you want to pull out camera or water bottle from the bag during days off.

I checked current Tamrac Rally line and they are now "designed in USA", not made where anymore and they don't look like my old one, doesn't have functional parts as old one.

Big loss. Those were priced very well and were very agronomical. With top made as flapper secured by one large buckle in the middle. Not Velcro strips nuisance or clumsy hook like buckle from same Domke. They have J-803, where I could cut off the hook buckle and install functional one. But it is more than twice over my regular fair price for everyday bag.

I guess, I have to start saving for it...