Fujicolor C200

Just bought 2 rolls of this, very cheap. First time I'll be using colour film in a good no of years. What's it like?

I shot a pack of this film a while back and wasn’t impressed. I think grain and sharpness of Fuji’s 400 speed film is better. But this C200 is sometimes available at a good price and for that reason alone I would probably buy it again.

If you search my Flickr for C200 a couple dozen samples should come up.
It's a consumer grade film, whatever that means. :rolleyes: I'm not much of a color film shooter either, but I like it for the same reason as WJJ3. It's an inexpensive film, great for sunny days, where you can burn through a lot of frames without worrying about it too much. Here are a few online reviews/comparisons, and I also have an album of shots I've taken on my Flickr. Maybe Huss will chime in as well, he seems to like this film, as I've seen him post quite a few samples in various threads on the forum.

This is a 100% crop from the 2nd pano shot, showing the grain and detail from Fuji C200

This was a hand held pic at about 1/30 sec IIRC
i dont like it at all. i prefer the 100 and 400 :eek::eek::eek:

its not bad but i just dont like it as much as the 100 and 400.

this film stock gets repacked by nearly everybody. its probably fujis cheapest film stock :rolleyes:

in my experience its great when you have good light but not as nice compared to the 100. in my case, i get the 100 and 400 for a lot cheaper than the c200 so theres not point for me to use it.

to be fair, i havent shot this in many years but thats what i remember. the sample pictures you see here pretty much sums up how that stock looks like.

the above is just my opinion.
fujifilm industrial 100 and 400 :eek::eek::eek:

thats probably what Jon uses the most,too. theyre the cheapest colour films here in japan.

12x36 100 3700jpy~
12x36 400 4300jpy~
12x36 c200 5000jpy~

I wish I could find those films at those prices. Have you shopped for film lately?