Gender and the Male... celebrating

Thank you, Helen.
I’m having blast today. Got 25 cad booze cars from elder one.
Changed tires on her car.
Then removed cement slabs and steps at front porch.
Then wooden step from backyard porch.
Just grass to cut left. If nothing else…
+30С and sun.
Thanks Helen!
Slow day for me.Nothing planned.Give my wife her shower and order dinner take out. The Kids sent cards and will call later. The heat here has kept us mostly inside this week. Stay safe!
Thank you, Helen.
NYT crossword with my son in Tucson over Google Meet. (Easy one today.)
Now dinner with my wife and daughters.
No pics but a lovely day.

Regards to you and Happy Day to our father members.

Our son and daughter in law live in S. Carolina...they just got married in March...she text me a "Happy Father's Day"... her dad died 10 years ago so she hadn't said that in a long time...
Our daughter and future son in law live in Denver...she called me today...
I requested that they take a couple's picture today and send it to me...they both came through...
We invited my dad over for lunch...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads...hope it was a good one...
Thank you for starting this, Helen!

And a thought to all the fathers as well ... I am not one, but remembered this morning my dear father who passed away quite young, when I was just 16.

As I went on my day's walk today, meandering the small neighborhoods around my home, two very cute young girl children, playing in their yard, saw me walking down the block and ran to their parents' SUV, climbed to the top of it, and waved:”Happy Fathers Day!” They cheered me.

I guess any adult male with enough gray in his hair is a daddy to youngsters like that. It was so sweet, I thanked them to make them feel good, and felt warm and happy myself at their exultation. They were so sweet! :D

My dog must have forgotten. No gifts, no surprises, no nuthin'. She did wake me early from a deep sleep with a nuzzle of the muzzle. I guess that's something...more than enough, really. I feel special.

edit: OMG! I forgot to thank you, Helen. Forgive me.
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Thanks Helen. Down Under we do things differently, celebrating Fathers Day on the first Sunday in September. No-one knows why. I'll put your wishes into storage until then :)
What a nice sentiment -A belated Thank you Helen! I was out enjoying the sunshine yesterday, and this morning, so just seeing this now :)

Thanks Helen for this thread, in Italy we celebrate Father's Day on March 19th (St.Joseph).

I like to contribute with a photo of a LP from my father's collection I found a few weeks ago: it's an old record, not yet stereo but still in perfect state. I guess it is more than 60 years old! When I played it it was like to have my Dad on my side again :)

Thankyou, Helen. We had a nice time yesterday- went out to our favorite Italian Restaurant, and relaxed for the day.

This particular restaurant, the Eggplant Parmigiana is just like my Mom made it. Taking a bite- like sitting at the family table.