I need a new home


South Florida Man
Local time
7:30 AM
Mar 27, 2006
Have used The Darkroom.com for years for film developing. Within the last two months, they have shut me out of access to my scanned photos. My user name and password suddenly do not work. I have sent them numerous emails with no response. THIS SUCKS!!!

I need a new home for developing and scanning my film. In home is not option and the co-op darkroom in the basement of an art gallery closed over 20 years ago. Who works best for you?
My only recommendations are based in the PacNW. Maybe not the best for your location.

Are you sure home developing is out of the question? I got an Ars Imago Lab-Box and it's pretty easy to develop in the kitchen sink. Just have to remember not to roll your film leaders back into the cassette. I had good luck with Cinestill's c41 kit as well as my normal B&W (though the color is more time consuming/messy).