In the blink of an eye


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8:21 AM
Mar 1, 2005
In the blink of an eye they were gone, despite youth, good health, loving family, loving friends, a brilliant gift of making new friends and the seeming promise of a long and great future. One random accident took care of all the smiling days that never happened for them.

From time to time they will cross my mind whenever I least expect them to show up, reminding me to value each day and every person I know, as though I might never see them again.



Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

To be clear, I posted this to hopefully nudge everyone, including myself, towards appreciating our friends and family just a little bit more. For me its just so easy to take things for granted, when our lives are anything but.
I think we all feel this for you. It happens to all of us at some point, and those of us still here *have* to support one another. RFF is here for you Stephen.
Details unnecessary: I know exactly what you mean, and I cried.
May the grief be short, and the good memories be long and joyful.