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Nov 11, 2008
Nikon F3 illumination light always on mod

Nikon F3 illumination light always on mod

On the "F3 Tribute" thread in the "Evil SLR" section I outline how to bypass the little red button under the VF'er that is so non ergonomic. The mod makes the built-in light that illuminates the LCD's turn on whenever the meter is activated.

Look at posting number 175 on page 7. Sorry, I don't know how to link.

This mod I only recommend doing on F3's that are equipt with MD-4's because there is a report that battery drain can be an issue.

In use the added illumination makes the metering easier to read even in good light. I use this mod on a F3 non HP with a Noct-Nikkor, but I'm considering modding my F3P because I see it as a general overall improvement to the weakest point of the F3: the LCD meter. Improvement is so good that it kinda keeps me from buying a F2AS to use with the Noct-Nikkor.