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Apr 8, 2005
Just waiting for a new...ZM lens. The ZM 35mm f1.4 is a stellar lens. They have the 35mm focal length covered with f2.8. F2 & f1.4. Wonder if there are any plans for new ZM Lenses: 25mm f2, 28mm f2, 50mm f1.0. Or is it just down to VC to churn out quality lenses?
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kram: I am curious as to what you and others want new ZM lenses to do that the current ones do not.

Lens design enhancements move at a snails pace. The old trade offs of optical quality, speed, size, and production costs still apply.
Waiting for the dirt cheap M mount copies to become more compact. Really wanting a $200 wide angle to mess around with, but the 7art/TT are so big!
I bet that Zeiss is done with M lenses. There are indications that many of the Zeiss lenses have already been discontinued. The future is dedicated lenses for mirrorless systems. Besides, there is no shortage of M lenses today at all price points.

A fun, alternate future is to get your favorite lenses adapted to Leica M with full coupling. So many interesting companies are doing these conversions now.
I feel that Zeiss have given ip on the ZM line which is a shame. I would like high quality lenses which Zeiss produce at thaeir standard price pionts. ZM 35mm F1.4 less than 1/2 price of Leica. Bob M. The 35mm FL I feel is fully covered by the M mount manufactures. VC 35mm f2 is going to nail it for that FL and aperature for a state of the art optical far less than Leica prices.
MS OPTICAL NO longer doing coversions I understand. Skyalley is doing some at a price. Lens element separation and fungus/haze with age, been there not a great experience. MS optical make lenses which are very fast, light and small. But an 50mm F1.05 with 7 elements, only yhat aperature at infinity and more like f1.3 close up..!
Looking at the 50mm f0.95 TTartisian lens but. Reading the reviews collating the gen huuum. 6% complex distortion, very hard to nail the focus not at all helped by a ~100 degree focus throw. This shows some odd thinking construction design of the lens the lens design.
Thank you VC for producing the lens I was expecting for Zeiss ZM, finally a state of the art 50mm f1.0 not costing the earth and of a similar weight of historic f1.0 designs.