Konica Hexar RF Diopter

Hogarth Ferguson

Local time
8:49 PM
Jan 12, 2013
If anyone owns a Hexar RF and has taken off the diopter, you know how stupid the design of the viewfinder is. Without the screw on diopter, the viewfinder is completely unusable. As you can imagine, finding a small part for this camera is next to impossible, there is a thread on making your own but even that isn't that easy.

I bought a Hexar without one and couldn't find one anyone. Someone linked me to a Chinese seller who made new ones, and while they're expensive, it turned my camera that was largely unusable, to a perfect working camera. I got the diopter in today and it is exactly what I need.

Here is the link to the seller that is selling them, if anyone needs one.
HOGARTH- is it the myopia 100 the one you purchased. My eyepiece fell out last August and I have been using a aux finder and zone focusing