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Konica switched over everything to 6 blades at some point after the IIA. Like most of their rangefinder cameras and SLR lenses. After all, Hex as in Hexanon means "6."
Interesting, thanks. I had to triple check my aperture blades, it's unusual to have 5.
There are four types of Konica III.
The oldest has a Konirapid shutter with ten aperture blades. (The one most tedious to clean)
There are two versions with Seiko shutters, both with 5 blade apertures, the older of these with aperture scale on bottom of focus mount, the newer version with aperture scale on top of the focus mount.
I've never seen one with a six blade aperture.
There is a 4th version with a 48mm f2.4 lens. That one also has no self timer.
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Thanks for the info. I had assumed that most IIIs had 6 blades, not 5. Must be Seiko that designed them that way.