Konica M-Hexanon 50 f/2 lens cap replacement

Andy Kibber

Local time
12:53 AM
Aug 7, 2009
I have a cheap center-pinch lens cap for my Hexanon 50mm lens. Has anyone found a better replacement slip-on cap, similar to the original metal cap?
They make replica Leica metal lens caps these days, you can find them on evilbay and similar sites.
As you know, the Hex's slide-out lens shade adds 2-3 mm to the diameter of any push-on cap. So something like 43mm? I'd opt for a screw-in 40.5mm cap myself.
The Kaiser slip-on caps, while plastic, are excellent. Snug fit with peace of mind...if you're like me, who cringe at scratch on metal.
I think the Kaiser slip-on cap is the ticket. I just measured the outside diameter of the hood & it’s about 49mm.
When I had a filter on the lens, I was constantly losing the original metal lens cap. I now have sort of permanently, a light yellow filter (40.5), a Heliopan Digital (huh?) cylindrical metal lens hood, capped by a 42mm inside diameter Schneider slip on cap that has 150 Xenar scratched on the inside. I've got my filter, my lens hood, and a lenscap that doesn't fall off and roll away. If I hadn't found the slip on cap, I would use a metal screw in. The outer end of that hood is also threaded for 40.5.