Konica M-Hexanon 50mm F2 serial #s

Not I -- what would be interesting is to know the serial number cutoff point where this lens started leaving the factory adjusted to Leica tolerances.
Me too. Just out of curiosity. I’ve owned two Hexanon 50mm lenses and didn’t notice focus problems on Bessa R2A, M6 TTL (x 2) or Zeiss Ikon.
Had thought I would not go for this lens but thought of it lately.. is it right that it has a slide out hood?
I bought the outfit new shortly after it came out. Sold it years ago but still have the red velvet box sitting on a shelf. Never noticed any issue with focusing either on the Konica bottom or my M4, and any of the numerous M2's and M3's I owned while still having the lens. I was always of the opinion that the focusing "issue" was a rumor started by Leica owners who couldn't admit a lens made by someone else was just as good as their Summicron's. Then again maybe it was a tolerance issue during manufacturing. But I don't believe there was change in the lens' design over it's life.
Man, you had to kick this hornet's nest again, didn't you? :) I have no idea whether there is something to all of this or not; I do think there is somewhat of the "they doth protest too much" at work here. I've never tried mine (3215665) on any camera other than the Hexar RF I bought it with, though I guess I should try it on an M.