Leica M-P Type 240 and Sf-40


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9:16 AM
Hello everyone,

I just picked up a used m-p 240 and have a sf40 laying around. I’ve used the sf40 with a m-10r and didn’t encounter this issue so not sure if it’s just a limitation of this combo or if there is something wrong.

If I set the flash to TTL or A mode and set the iso to anything above 400, flash fires but I get a black frame. Tried shutter speeds from 8th to 180th and black frame so not a sync issue. At iso 400 or lower and at any shutter speed, it will expose properly. M flash mode works at all speeds and ISOs.

Anyone have this experience? Is there a setting I’m missing? Running latest firmware (2.1.0) and have attached a multi function grip.