Nikon FM2n Mirror Bumper Question


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3:18 AM
Sep 17, 2014
I recently acquired an excellent black Nikon FM2n.
Question…should the mirror bumper be one piece, or two? With the middle being open for the clip that releases the focusing screen?

When I removed the old bumper, it was two pieces, but Jon Goodman said one piece is OK.
I would say, go with two pieces. My FM and FE are both set up that way, and it's clearly for a reason. My Pentax MX cameras were designed the same way, and previous techs replaced the foam with a single piece. It was difficult getting the latch open or closed on those rare occasions when I wanted to clean dust from the inner surface of the screen. It increased the danger of slipping and damaging the screen itself.
A technical nit-pick: that foam isn't really a mirror bumper. Its primary purpose is to seal the mirror chamber from light coming in from the finder. But the tiny gap where the latch is, is too small to be of any consequence.
Thanks for all your replies.
I went with 2 pieces.
I was going to keep the camera and try shooting film again after 30+ years, but after checking film prices and developing costs, I've decided to sell it.
Too bad, it's a beautiful camera.
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