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I originally made the plan to recycle this neighbor’s wooden fencing as clean fill for my back slope, but now became inspired to utilize it as raw material to build raised beds and planters.

“If its free, it’s for me,” I say.

I wonder if I will have enough to create bed borders or 4x4 garden squares that I could sell at Stormville the airport flea market?

Seems like my truck could draw interest and have entertainment value to draw in an audience. For serious sales and vending I might have to buy one of those trailers like they sell at Lowes…

Anyways I know how to sell, and pretty much I can snooker people, even clever friends like Devil Christian. LOL. Pretty much I am a “Shark.”

Maggie has ideas too and what she noticed at Elephant’s Trunk in Connect-Tick-ick is that the booths kinda have a motif or thyme that is a point of interest, and you know that I’m an exhibitionist.

“Artists by definition are exhibitionists,” I say.

Then I could cruise the affluent neighborhoods because on their bulk trash days they throw out antiques and other rarities. Anyways I’m great in recycling and exploiting resources.

Again, if it’s free, it’s for me.

The fence I’m recovering runs the length of the back side yard I think.

The prices on edging and raised beds at Home Cheapo is not really cheap. Pretty much this would be like free money.

Maggie’s brother lives near Scarsdale and finds all kinds of antiques being thrown out that pretty much justifies owning a truck. Then I have Maggie to exploit because she is great at curating and designing a space and marketing such items.

I see a really good side hustle here.

Morning Devil Cal,

Know you are busy with other things, but check this out! Eastman XX is now at B&H in 120 size. They had to order a master roll from Kodak to pull this off

I have five rolls here ready to shoot. Should be delicious in medium format. :)
My neighbor who was taking down a cedar fence told me he bid $310K and lost out.

Later my other neighbor said his father bid $335K and lost out.

Oh-well, but this is crazy. The housing shortage is real.

So now both my neighbors think that the flip price will be over $500K and the house is likely under 1000 square feet.

So let’s say the cash price was $350K then $75K or $100K is not a lot of money for improvements, especially since the house is in sad shape. First off it needs a new front stoop because the present one is half collapsed. Then there is the roof on the house, and in addition to that the garage roof.

With the fence reclamation my neighbor moved the fencing to my dead end as my request and pretty much I really appreciated how I have all the street as a workspace. I brought out a Bose Ghetto Blaster and listened to Miles Davis while cutting out the nailed sections. I ended up with lots of raw material for border edging, planters, and even garden squares.

”Maggie” asked me where I will store this building material because there are various piles of stuff in the back-backyard that are a mess. Anyways it is a work zone.

Another idea is to build bird houses to sell at Stormville. A loaded dump cart worth of cedar scrap was added to my land fill. The lumber that has nails is all bundled up and ready for bulk trash day, and I stowed the cedar partially on a garage shelf, and also in a big tote that is also in the garage.

I also mowed the lawn with my push mower. I’m tired now.

I think rabbits are eating our strawberries. One berry bush made no flowers this year, I wonder why? The other two had mucho flowers and berries are forming.

I think I’ll make a 4x4 square raised bed and set it down on the landing by the marsh to grow tomatoes. It seems that tomatoes are deer resistant. Anyways this will be for next year. Glad I have the cedar for the walls of the square.

One thing better than owning a boat is having a friend who owns a boat.

I was just minding my own business when my friend Andy dropped by in the dead end while I was salvaging cedar. The fence is bleached gray from the sun, but the fence is not that old BTW.

Andy lives in Renold’s Hills and is one of three all year round residents. I updated him about the wrecked house and he mentioned that his house when he bought it was only 900 square feet, but he added an extension and gained perhaps 200 more square feet.

When I mentioned that 1100 square feet is not a lot for two people, he said it was more than when he lived on a sailboat, and when I inquired further he showed me pictures of a 55 footer made of fiberglass that he made himself.

Understand that Andy is a bit older than me and is retired. Sadly he sold his sailboat because he suffers from arthritis. When he worked he commuted by boat to Haverstraw across the river, and that motor boat he still owns. He mentioned last week he called to see if I wanted to go out for a boat ride, but he did not leave a message.

Anyways for most of his life, Andy lived on his boat. Also someone named Vinny from the band Vanilla Fudge lived on a house boat right next to Andy’s slip. Vinny and Andy became good friends.

Anyways, Snarky Joe and Devil Christian say I draw out the crazies, but Andy is just an old hippie.

Also know that my neighbor who gave me the fence offered me some vinyl fencing he had left over from a job, but I explained we are going with the all wood look even though it has maintenance. Then my neighbor brought me a steak, rice and beans lunch with a salad. He was doing me a favor, and I told him I would get rid of the nailed wood via bulk trash day to return the favor.

I still have to pick up the free firewood for my future fire pit. Imagine at night the swamp sounds of the frogs and the forest in the distance.

Okay Cal, here's my idea on the C-10. Get some one to truck Phil's Mercedes 220D diesel up to Peekskill-yank the engine out have it overhauled and install it in the C-10. I doubt there is another C-10 like that anyplace.
I figured out I could add a dormer to the garage roofline to allow a 4-post lift where the truck’s roof would have clearance. Don’t think Maggie would approve. LOL.

It would be a little funky, but it would work. Then I could still have a half garage studio. Hmmm…


The thought of a diesel as passed my mind. For towing and hauling torque from a diesel rules.

Also diesels are durable.

Maggie’s nef-few went to some diesel school at Penn State. Works for Catapillar now, but he bought an old black Suburban and put a diesel in it. That truck is pure evil.

I’m no diesel mechanic though, and a diesel would be getting in over my head.

Cal can just store the 1972 Benz in the bed of the Chevy.

Working on a pre-1987 diesel with a mechanical injection pump is easy. I could teach either of my cats to do it, but they don't have thumbs, so they'll have to stick with theory only. I'm serious, it's WAY easier than a finicky gasser engine, and if your battery ever runs flat due to a bad alternator or voltage regulator, just keep driving; hopefully not at night (this happened to me down in Cape May a few years ago).
The little motor in the 220D isn't anything one would want to stick into a big truck, BUT Mercedes did produce a serious of vans (L406) for years using identical or slightly bigger (.2L greater displacement) 4 cylinder engines; they just hung them off good transmissions and the assumption was that these would never go fast. Many Mercedes ambulances based on the 406 provided decades of reliable service. I'd love to find a L406 and turn it into a camper.

Cal, the 120 format XX is the same emulsion as 5222, just wider. I should get some, as a matter of fact.

The zealous search for a rigid fork for the Breezer has begun in earnest. It's difficult to find anything decent that is 1" with a long enough steerer tube for a threaded headset, and the hope of finding a threadless one is along the same vein as finding a unicorn. Then again, I DO have a Judy XC with a 1" steerer tube, which were all special ordered by the time the XC came out in 1995; none came delivered on factory bikes, that was all 1 1/8".
If I switch to a threaded fork, I'm going to have to get rid of this jewel of a Chris King no-logo 1" headset. I can certainly sell it and pay for the new fork, stem, and ANY headset except another King. We'll see. There is a Koski I may bid on, which would be perfect, as they were the original fork spec'd on Breezer bikes. This Lightning XTR frame of mine had a Ritchey Logic fork originally, but the only one I can find has a steerer tube that is probably too short.
Devil Dan,

This is a big deal. A new film and I wonder how similar to 5222?

Devil Cal,

It's the same 5222 XX emulsion that we get in 35mm, it's in the wider 120 roll and 120 length. Kodak makes the XX in a uber wide roll in their machinery, it's what they call a "master roll". If you buy enough, they cut you a custom width to your specs, from the master roll. Since these Guys did this, although it is expensive to produce, it is worthy of our support IMO.

I have five rolls to try from B&H (they have the best price on it, it's discounted.
Devil Dan and Phil,

5222 in 120 is a dream come true for me. I love the look of this film shot at 400 ISO and developed in Diafine.

What wonderful negatives and EZ-PZ.

This is a very big deal for me.

The thing with diesels is that tolerances are higher and everything is built stronger. I understand how a diesel works but electronic fuel injection is a complexity I want to avoid.

I figure a new HT383 with a new tranny and rear end should and could last me decades. That is why I resign using my garage for the two vehicles.

The V-8 is about 140 pounds heavier than the I-6, and the T-56 tranny is bigger and heavier also. I figure the 3/8 to 1/2 inch negative rake will go away and the truck will sit about level.

A long bed weighs in at around 3800 pounds and a short bed is almost 500 pounds lighter.

Interesting is that this truck originally was ordered to fit a camper. 57 years and 161K miles, but the body is just so clean To still be a great barn find.

Having a new/old truck is going to be mighty cool. 444 foot-lbs torque on regular gas will be awesome.

WOW. I started looking into campers, and this opens up a lot of possibilities.

One thought is for surf fishing, another for camping/photography.

The truck would be a “monster” with a cab-over.

I like the idea of being able to detach is very cool, and then I could still tow. I see these flea market dealers using this.

Problem is a cab-over is to fit in the garage, but remember I have 8 foot tall doors…

Kinda hippy and cost feasible. A new engine and drivetrain makes sense along with 4 wheel disc brakes. Might have to buy new OEM springs…

I can see me using this for biking explorations. A glamping lifestyle of drive and biking.

I’m loving this idea of making his truck a camper.

My next door neighbor knows the building codes really well, and she mentioned that there is a 6 foot limit on fences.

I exceeded the six foot limit on two counts: one is the fence is 5 feet with a 13 1/2 inch “topper;” and then there is the issue of driveway pitch and having the height to swing the gate I created to fully open.

The tricky work around is to build a raised bed to bring up the ground level to game the building code.

I find it interesting how things evolved. Initially I decided to use pressure treated lumber to create the now required raised bed, but suddenly I have this resource of cedar I salvaged that I have for free. Now it is easy to build a raised bed with this new resource, and it is so timely. Divine intervention or just great luck?

I will have to paint and prime the raised bed to match the fence, and it will actually look mighty trick because it will be custom built and maintain a level line that no store bought item would follow. Also less distracting and a lower overall profile visually.

It’s like a cab-over camper and my 8x8 foot doors: meant to be.

Devil Cal,

It's the same 5222 XX emulsion that we get in 35mm, it's in the wider 120 roll and 120 length. Kodak makes the XX in a uber wide roll in their machinery, it's what they call a "master roll". If you buy enough, they cut you a custom width to your specs, from the master roll. Since these Guys did this, although it is expensive to produce, it is worthy of our support IMO.

I have five rolls to try from B&H (they have the best price on it, it's discounted.
Dan, I KNOW you must be lusting to get this in 70mm!

Campers get mighty expensive and they can weigh mucho.

Another problem would be any added length. The C-10 just barely fits in the garage.

Back to the plan of a HT383 crate motor, a T-56 6-speed with two overdrives, a new rearend, and 4 wheel disc brakes.


I have two days off. “Maggie” is attending a business meeting in Mini-Apple-lus. I kinda had the baby to myself today. She is a baby hog and fusses over this kid too much. With me he is a dude and chills out.

I have two days of no daycare and no Maggie. I will bike and do some work.

Yesterday ran into a fisherman in Blue Mountain Preserve while strolling with the grandson.

This man showed me some Stripped Bass he caught in Peekskill during the spring run when the fish pursue herring and migrate all the way up the Hudson till Albany to spawn. He chunked bunker…

Nice size fish, and then I see how my surf rig which is kinda light tackle designed for 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce would be a really great rig for shore fishing the Hudson during the spring run.

I am located not far from the Hudson on the “Westside” of Peekskill. In fact I hear the diesel trains on the Hudson Line that are right on the river.

This is really great. No travel required, and very close to home. I can see me smoking Stripped Bass and freezing the delicacy. Also on my grill.

Am I in heaven?

I’ll give 100 feet of fresh 5222 to anyone who can find me a 5 bolt 58 or 56 BCD chainring with 26 teeth. Surly makes 24 and 28 but not 26, as far as I can tell from the available stock everywhere. This is maddening. With a 16/20 freewheel, a 26 tooth low gear puts me right at 30 gear inches. I want to run a 30 tooth ring with the 16 tooth cog to give me a higher gear to get to the trails. If I maintain a 4 tooth spread between chainrings, I can run this setup without a chain tensioner.
Still waiting on the Raleigh fork to be aligned. At this point, I’m beginning to shop for a different fork for it. Still searching for the right fork for the Breezer as well.
Seeing a Lettera 22 reminded me that I have one. Seriously one of the most mushy feeling typewriters out there. The 22, and 32 both are great full-featured machines, but that keystroke is not good.
I’ve been working with a few residents at my job and several have taken to using typewriters during art sessions and open studio time. I brought in the Lettera 22 today and it is going to be used exclusively by one resident who probably won’t mind the finicky nature of the machine. Certainly better than the Underwood 18 that gets banged around during most sessions by one resident or another.
The tactile and rhythmic nature of working on a typewriter seem to give a few of my residents some relief from various symptoms which they live with daily. I may have a source for research and publication here, we’ll see. Regardless, a few folks enjoy using the machines and seem to be finding some relief from various stimuli while doing so. If that’s all I get out of donating these machines, then that’s fantastic.