New York October NYC Meet-Up

A reminder that the NY Art Book Fair is this weekend as well. I'll be heading there on Saturday. With a little help from UPS I may have a draft mock-up of my book to show on Sunday.


That would be great.

See you Sunday.

Not a lot happening with photography in my life currently. The Meet-Ups keep my feet wet, and I know I’ll be back with a vengeance to annoy people.

Looks like UPS 2 day is in fact 3 days + the weekend, so I don't get my book until Monday. I guess I'll bring some cameras instead.

And like magic I got a notification that they will deliver it today. I wish they could make up their mind...
Looking forward to tomorrow’s Meet-Up.

Hopefully Christian’s book is delivered today.

The weather looks to be a pleasant repeat more or less of today.

I wonder if we will see the crackhead server tomorrow, and we’ll see if he goofs up tomorrow.

I think I will be getting a high end jogging stroller delivered tomorrow by the “Creature” (the mother of Creature-Junior and the “Critter”).

A small trio of just Devil Christian, Snarky Joe, and I.

A pleasant day. Looked at some interesting books. I gave Joe a book titled “Flash” an award winning biography (Book Critic’s Circle Award winner) that was pretty much about WeeGee.

Did you know that WeeGee The Famous was actually a kinda shy awkward guy who created a persona. Pretty much a Jewish immigrant who came to the U.S. when he was ten that came from a town that was in the western part of the Ukraine.

I hope you know that “Calzone” here on RFF is like WeeGee a persona.