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Dusk Dances
KFC killer;
Street Bean Curd marinated Fried Chicken

Ping-dong County, southern Taiwan/ 屏東県 恆春鎮

a Taipei-metro Image

Canon EOS RebelT4i,
Canon kiT 18-55
Soy Sauced stuff Under $1.00 ea.

my chicken Liver is Ready (poor man's Goose Liver)

Yilan City, north eastern Taiwan

a Taipei-metro Image

Canon EOS T4i,
Canon 18-55
Squid, dumpling, Soy sauce egg and noodle made w squid ink...dinner Taiwan style ( squid imported to California from Taiwan )

Arcadia, Los Angeles County

a Taipei-metro Image

Fujifilm 24mP XT-100
7Artisans X 25mm F1.8/ Lens made in China
(1st time checking my) Film Setting...Provia