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I used to live in French Africa where a goat would be slaughtered for a bbq feast. Whenever the cook lead a goat into the compound, my dog would go into hiding for days on end. He knew what was going to happen.
I saw a goat kick and scream when led to slaughter. The animal knew what was about to happen. And that high pitch wail sounded like a child being tortured but the two men were just dragging it by the front legs. That goat knew.
There are plenty of supermarkets in Hong Kong same as any in the US but meat and produce are also sold at designated areas out in the neighborhoods. This is a typical butcher shop. Q2M0C8D53D7-DCAC-4ACB-BD8D-B9510B85B515.jpeg
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I worked at that store briefly when I was in high school. An older woman who lived down the street from my parents told me the building had been much the same in her mother’s youth in the 1890s When the adjoining building at the back was the schoolteacher’s house.


I had lunch and a coffee there with a friend last Friday. They have just done a major upgrade of the eating area out the back and did a nice job of it. I usually go for a stroll through the cemetery afterwards ... Clive Palmer's first wife is buried there and I have to say the grave is about what you would expect from him! :)
Arcadia, Los Angeles County - USA, Dec, 2022

Three Kings visit Baby J

Img by Taipei-metro

Canon EOS T4i, Tamron EF 24-70 Fullframe Lens made in Japan
Canon STD Picture Sty, File Reduced Fitting R-
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