Photographing the Photographer... post yours

Dervia, is that Perkins Cove?


99.99% yes.

I can’t say 100% because I do not live there and did not write down the location. However, we were at the Marginal Way half an hour before these photographs and I remember the view from where I put the white star on the map screen grab.

3 Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 10.44.23 copy1 1600x.jpg
Parque Central, Havana Cuba - one of several photographers who has an old direct positive setup where he develops the exposed paper in a tray of developer and fixes it inside the camera. They tell tourists that it is a 1927 Kodak. Actually a custom box with an old 127mm lens from a Speed Graphic and a tight fitting lens cap for a shutter. Exposures seem to be around 1-2 seconds so they tell subjects to hold still while they remove and replace the lens cap. Price used to be US$5- which is the only English they know other than "fix in Photoshop" when the tourist sees what they paid for.