pics of your zeiss ikon...

back alley

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9:51 PM
Jul 30, 2003
show me yours!!




I've never done it.. I think it's kinda weird... no problems looking at others doing it though :eek: How exactly do you do it?
got a digi snapper?

put your gear on a table or still life set up, add some light or flash and porn

i hope this post doesn't sound too 'out' there...

with all the chatter around here about different cameras, and choosing a zeiss or a leica, about old screw mount cameras and the general gear head/fondler accusations that get thrown around occasionally, with the this body is a mm thicker and i hate it/love it/could care less about it discussions...i decided to take a really good look (and feel) at the zeiss ikon.
i know i have never really studied it before and so i wondered about what i might find if i did.
i liked the leica m3 and it's round sides, it instantly felt comfortable but then i quite liked the bessa r and it's more angled sides and the canon p just felt like a man's camera, like a real tool in the hand.
but then i recalled that the camera that i always remember as the most comfortable in my hand was the minolta cle. (i'm talking rf cameras now)
and the zi reminded me of the cle from first glance. i think that's why i originally said it would be nice to own one because it brought back good memories.

anyway, i did take a good look and handled the camera like i had never seen it before. my conclusion is that i really like the looks of it and i love the feel of it, how the rounded back fits into the palm of my hand and the squared off front allows my fingers to grab on to it with ease.
i studied it from the front and decided that i like that squared look, that it looked like the most beautiful tool i had ever seen.
i knew there had to be a reason that with all the cameras that i have used/owned over the years, this is the one i have chosen to keep and to use.
Sorry - only one camera here at present so I can't take any shots of my baby.:(

On a different note, I noticed that you have a leather case for one of your Ikons Back Alley - do you feel it's made much of a difference to the camera's handling, and maybe even shutter noise?
I'm thinking of buying one from Luigi myself in the near future you see.

Sorry to drag things off-topic.
why does it sound dirty when I think "man I wanna get my hands all over that loooong rangefinder base"? :D
Joe, what made you get the 25 finder? Were you unhappy with the framing you were getting with the entire ZI VF?