pics of your zeiss ikon...

What happen to the Zeiss Ikon script in the front? removed the white paint or taped up? I cannot tell from the picture.

Anyone removed the black ink from the chrome body script?

The Zeiss Ikon script is still there. I just blacked it out with a texta (sharpie for our US members), which should clean off easily enough.
This is a 'neo-retro' version: 2012 body with uncoated 1938 5cm f1.5 Sonnar (conversion from Contax by Brian Sweeney).

With this lens wide open, center is tack-sharp (optimized for f1.5); corner sharpness becomes sort of nouvelle vague. Color is just fine – unless you point it into the sun and get good ol' uncoated flare.

Photographed with a 50mm Sonnar ZM @ f1.5.


Oh so retro by thompsonkirk, on Flickr[/IMG]
M6TTL-size shutter wheel = nice!

M6TTL-size shutter wheel = nice!


PS- This one is for sale in the classifieds
Since I've had my first Zeiss Ikon for a few weeks and shot about six rolls of film, I'm now ready to post a picture of mine. I have the Zeiss Ikon (Ltd.) with a Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 T* ZM Biogon lens. I decided on the lens based on advice from others in this forum. I also added the hand grip, which makes it easier to handle and adds a nice finish to the look. What a sweet looking ride it is, huh?

This is truly a classic ride.
Got the same "black" griptac on mine too. My camera is dirty with much wear and I decided to personalise it with (gasp!) stickers just to ensure that I can't sell it if I need money. ;)