R-D1 LCD Broken - any active repairers globally (or UK)?


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1:56 PM
Jan 14, 2012
Hi everyone.

Bought my R-D1 used back in 2013, and have used it maybe for a few shots a year and left it looking pretty on the shelf. Haven't picked it up for maybe 3-4 years now. Thought I'd give it a go last week, powered it back up, takes photos, but the LCD is dead. It used to work fine, oddly. No drops or anything. Does anyone have a recommended repairer? Is it still Steve's cameras? Would ideally prefer UK?

I had 2 batteries, 1 genuine, 1 third party, both went for 3-4 shots before dying. Bought a new ebay chinese battery, charged it, still takes shots but no LCD. Not sure if there's a better quality battery I can buy to check? Or alternatively any quick things I can try before shipping it off, de-assembly etc?