Scandinavia Scandinavian Group - any interest to start one !?

me 2, im in copenhagen..
Just found this thred .. and was thinking.. exept from creating "a group", we could start getting a litte "local"..
Im as an example a "filmfreak", meaning that i find "film" more interssting than Cmos ( maybe except the - out of my range(finder) - M9 ).
Just tried to buy Fuji T64 ( 135) in Dk, and was told by hother, goecker, CAV and even fuji DK that nobody buys film anymore, so nobody has a fridge with film any more ( not true, eg photografica, foto-C, and Hother has a bit portra, and fuji pro, but thats it..)

Found it in england.. ( UKs last 8 rolls should be on its way )
So rangefinder freaks (?!) some local ( my inputs from copenhagen ) info on "what to do" and how to get it done..?
alså on shops, locations, where to meet ( eg we just got a fotocafe in copenhagen, ( photo ( develop/print/scan ) coffe shop )
What about stockholm, oslo etc..
Input/discussion ( local !? ) ablout cross processing c41/e6 ( search on flickr) funny ( analogue ) ideas not possible on Cmos etc..
just som einput !?
Hello everyone, I decided to revive this "hibernating" thread because in the past few weeks I've been in contact with 2 RFF members in the area via PM (one near Copenhagen, and one in Malmø, Sweden), as well as 2 other Leica users in Copenhagen.

Just wondering: WHAT DO WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS GROUP? What is the purpose?

If we don't actually meet up (I personally prefer to shoot alone, but beer and exhibitions are always welcome), can we / should we use this sub-forum to exchange information on:

Local exhibitions
Local sources of film, chemicals, equipment
Interesting events/locations to photograph at


Please feel free to share your thoughts Scandanavian RFF'ers.
Thank you for the reviving, sleepyhead!

I think it's a great idea to use this forum to exchange information on exhibitions/events and on local analogue supplies. From what I can see, most of Scandinavia should be covered. (Are there any Icelanders here, btw? I'm always lost on supplies there; what do you do if you're foolish enough to run out of film in Akureyri, for instance?)

I think perhaps most of us (?) prefer to shoot alone, but it would be nice to meet other RFF members to exchange experiences over a beer or two. I don't know of a place like Fotocaféen in Copenhagen here in Oslo, though; where do RF/analogue photographers gather here? Chateu Neuf, perhaps, with its lavish darkroom facilities?

S. (in Oslo, most of the time, and often in Bergen)
A meetup for some beer and talk would be nice. I'd love to see something happening in Stockholm, since that's pretty close to home :)

I'm up for a photo walk on the streets of Stockholm. Är nog fruktat nyttigt med fotofolk runt kring, tror man kan bli triggad att klicka av mer 'up and close' så att säga ;) Bor i norrort, längs med märstalinjen.
so that would include only Norway, Denmark and Sweden? not e.g. Finland and Baltic countries?
WTF ??? You have Finland with Balticum...We are not SAS, Ok i don`t require you to "kirjoittaa suomeksi" Nordic is enough. The whole RFF is in english, why not use the "Third Officail language in nordic countries" English. For meets, I suggest we consider the cafe at Fotografiska Museet, a walk from Viking Line in Stockholm ( not that long walk from home in Helsinki, to the harbor and then on the other side of the pond, to the cafe..)
Hmm How about regional foras/threads like on APUG for a start? Would that be possible? From there invitation to local meetings could be made. I have no idea how many we are located in Scandinavia.
Best regards
I'd be in for a beer or coffee, but I work odd hours and weekends, so it'll be difficult.

EDIT: In Stockholm that is!
We may be driving through Aarhus after taking a ferry from Norway to Denmark? Is it there on the way?

Well it depends on where the ferry leaves and lands. If it lands in Northern Jutland, Aarhus can be on the way to pretty much any other southern destination. When do you expect to be in the area?