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Makiflex Rollei Retro Soft 9x12cm 360 Kern Microdol-X by Nokton48, on Flickr

Pacaderm showers in Goodale Park on a soft winter day. Plaubel Makiflex 9x12cm Rollei Retro Soft sheet Film Kern Arau 360mm F9 repro lens Microdol-X Arista 8x10 RC #3 Multigrade dev. Full neg image shown 9x9cm photography on 9x12 sheet film. I used a RADA Normalfalz plate holder with film insert to hold the film.
At Wat Langka Buddhist Temple-Phnom Penh, Cambodia - (iPhone 11 ~ Snapseed)

Voigtländer 90mm f2.8 Apo-Skopar VM lens​

Sony A7III, Voigtländer 90mm f2.8 Apo-Skopar VM lens
Sony in camera color JPEG
Yokohama, Japan - June 2023
Image is lower resolution than original​
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