show us your Retina!

My IIa (Type 016) returned from a CLA today. I did learn the Waltz filters are just thick enough to prevent the camera from closing.
A nice IIa that had some issues, but is working great now thanks to Chris Sherlock.

Here's the Type 016 mentioned above. No zeiss bumps or paint loss!

Kodak Retina IIa, Type 016, Reveni and Sekonic Meters
Recent thrift shop find, a Retina IIa Type 016, with Rodenstock Heligon 50/2 optics. The viewfinder was dirty inside, and aging lubricants had gummed things up a bit. It only took about two hours to get everything clean and moving right. Just developed the second short test roll this morning. Quite pleased with this model.
My Retina IIa back from a CLA...I sent it out for service so I can finally use it.
Rear lens group was from a Rodenstock lens and not compatible with the Xenon it has.
I ran a roll through it, developed it yesterday and the images are super crisp.
So happy now...