Leica LTM Show Your Elmar 5cm 3.5 Photos

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Aug 8, 2011
We've got dedicated picture threads for nearly every existing Leica lens... but I haven't found any dedicated thread for the good old Elmar 5cm f3.
So, show me your Elmar shots! :p

coated 1949 Elmar wide open:

Great thread, finally a place for Elmar! Wide open at 3.5 Uncoated Elmar on Ektar 100 ISO

Plenty of sharpness at f8 :cool:


I had two nice collapsible Industars, but this lens wins hands down. Picked this coated Elmar up a week ago (my first Leitz lens). Nice and clean. It was a bargain <3
Currently, just the few pictures in this thread goes to show how well the Elmar's held up with age. New lenses are good alright, but old is gold.

Then of course there is also the skill of it.

Really some stunning pictures!:)
Is there an Elmar version comparison somewhere online with side by side shots?

I don't think there are many differences between versions. I guess it's more important if the glass is clean, coated/not coated and if the lens is in a good shape.
Every comparison shots I've seen also suggested that RedScale versions don't equal better performance over other coated Elmars... maybe that "myth" comes from the fact that RedScale Elmars are the newest of the whole 3.5 Elmar line and therefore often in a better shape.