Leica LTM Show your Summar 50mm f2 photos

Leica M39 screw mount bodies/lenses
At night in a restaurant. HP-5 at 800 ASA, developed in Rodinal 1/50, 16 min. Most probably at f:2.0, 1/20th sec, Leica II.
I am slowly learning to use, and love, this lens. With some attention, it is less temperamental than often described.
ps: this is my first time posting an image. I previously would not accept to transit via a public site. I was pleasantly surprised at to how easy posting images has become. Thank you so much to those that made this possible
One from my latest attempt to get to know (I would not go as far as "to tame") the Summar. Leica II, HP-5+, Blazinal, 1hr stand development. This is a negative scan on an aging Epson V550 which does not do full justice to the shot.