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10:06 AM
Mar 28, 2009
I haven't read too much about this modular camera on RFF. BH and Adorama are now discounting a number of bundles. Is anyone using this system -with or without m-mount lenses?
I do. In fact I have 3 of them, 1 fp and 2 fp-L. I love them, as one would guess but they're not everyone's idea of a good camera. No viewfinder makes it awkward for manual focus since you can't hold it against your eye (you can add the auxiliary evf but that just makes it bigger than most any mirrorless), no physical shutter means you have to use slow speeds in most artificial light, few dedicated dials means getting used to menus, button pushing and knob twirling.
On the plus side it's tiny, has huge resolution in the fp-L, quite quick in operation, has great choice of L-mount lenses. I have all the I Series Sigma lenses and they are all terrific. Their big selling point is compactness and image and build quality, which they are and have, but I have to say they could stand to be even smaller.
There are almost no positive reviews of these cameras, which personally I view as a point of honour. As a user I think they're the best thing in a long while, if you accept their shortcomings/differences.
Thanks for your feedback, pyeh. I've read some reviews and I've seen some clips, and while many reviewers focus on 'shortcomings', all seem to agree that the Sigma fp produces beautiful images. I remain intrigued. Cheers, OtL.
No complaint on the fp having used it for several years. Most compact system camera for video & stills Reservation concerning rolling shutter and strobing under artificial light is overly hyped and haven't little to no effect in real world situation.

Moreover I have high respect to the company which are focused to deliver quality products with customer firmware support than other companies that replaces its products yearly.

Tested the rolling shutter is 20.8 ms in comparison to A7 series 25ms
I am mostly interested if it can be used with the EVF-11: some say that the EVF is compatible with the fp; some say that the necessary firmware update is not yet available.
I'm pretty sure the evf firmware update for the fp has been released and I've installed it. I'll check tomorrow and report.
I just checked the EVF-11 on my fp - it definitely works. The fp has v3.01 firmware loaded.

Edit: should have said firmware v3.01. Now changed.