dourbalistar, What happened to your sons hand? Hope he has a speedy recovery.

Thanks, @skopar steve! He hurt it playing too many video games...

Only kidding, he jammed it playing football with his friends, but luckily it didn't sideline him for long. And as you can see, it didn't really hinder the phone game playing. :LOL:
Text message from our son on Saturday.
"In Fort Worth for a cross country. Got to fight hornets today, tons of fun."
Then on Sunday he sent this text.
"We were just there for the weekend, flew home today."
He also sent this image...

My son was finally old enough that I could trust him at a gallery. I wanted him to experience the "Mirror Room" before they put it away for a long time. He was super serious about being quiet and keeping his distance. The docent commented on how well behaved he was. Proud dad moment.