The Complete Nikon Rangefinder System by Robert Rotoloni


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3:14 AM
Dec 3, 2006

I just received an e-mail from Petra Kellers of that they are receiving Rotoloni's new book either just before or just Christmas, with more on the way by boat.

I have the second version and I'm eagerly awaiting the new book.

So it's finally out! Seems like there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether it would in fact get published -- the UK publisher (Hove?) was having financial difficulties, as i recall.

Very good news indeed.
Got it on Tuesday. Well worth the price so far. Kudos to Mr Rotoloni for his knowledge and perserverance.
It is a great book. I have had it for two weeks now and spent a lot of time reading parts of it, looking at the photos and so on.... a book that you can take out and read a small part of, put back, take out again and so on.... great for reference and fantastic photos!
Ordered from Amazon UK (plus the Nikon in America from Wes) and so far neither them are available.... Waiting... waiting....
I've had mine for about a week and agree it's a fabulous reference. It's especially strong on collector-interest minutiae -- all the tiny changes that occurred on various models during their production runs, how one version of a particular lens differed in mechanics and finish from the previous and subsequent versions, etc.

As someone interested in the technical history of photography, I would have liked to see more diagrams of internal mechanisms and descriptions of how various models were developed and how various problems were solved -- kind of like the articles on the revival S3 and SP models that you can find online. But that kind of info may not have been available, and if it were it might easily have doubled the size of an already weighty tome!
I am up to page 95.
It's a hell of a book, especially for someone that goes by NIKON KIU.

I admit that I cheated and read some pages from the end, like the 100cm f6.3 ;)

If anyone is interested, here is where you can buy it in the USA

We ought to warn people that this book will be a very, very expensive investment! Not only is the book itself about a hundred bucks, but after you've read it you will want to go out and buy lots of Nikon RF gear...
We need a new Leica Manual. I think that the last "new" one was 1972 or there abouts. From the 1930's up into the 1960's it came out about every other year.
FYI, they are still honoring the discount (Thank you Stephen). Very very friendly folks. I ordered mine last week. It should be here next week some time.
I bought his book today!

I bought his book today!

So here we are, almost 10 years after the book was published. Thanks to the links here in the Rangefinder Forum I was able to learn about the book and placed my order this morning. I got an email from Robert a short time ago, thanking me for the order and confirming my membership in the Historical Nikon Society.

I took delivery of a Mint Nikon S3 2000 last Saturday. I got it via Japan Camera Hunter and could not be happier. The camera exceeds my expectations and I will be putting my D810 and my F6 on the shelf while I do some RF shooting.

Just got a mint Nikon S3 2000 with 50/1.4. Super excited. Anyone know where to find the book in 2020?