The SCNOO will never break again


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Jun 20, 2007

I created a pictorial on my repair of the Leitz SCNOO trigger winder for Leica II and III series cameras.

Got mine a while back, although advised against buying one: 'the ribbons keep breaking'.

Well, that's all in the past now. Have a look and tell me what you think.


EDIT: updated the link to reflect the correct article again! Happy Reading! JNK 20150105


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Nicely done, and congratulations. I always liked SCNOO, and currently have a Leicavit on my MP and a Rapidwind on my M2. Do I not recall that the early SCNOO had a steel tape which was replaced with cloth because of the risk of cutting yourself on the steel?

Of course, this all shows what rubbish Leicas are, when you have to replace a component more than once per century...


Dear Roger,

Thanks for your comment. I maybe should have added the bit about the risk of cutting oneself with the newly fitted metal tape, it can be sharp indeed. Guess I'll squeeze it in with the pictorial somewhere.
Very nicely done — should last you a lifetime and more!

'It's a pocketable ruler. The one with a metal ruler that retracts by itself when released.' I think you could call that a pocket tape measure.
Not sure if you've factored in the metal-fatigue, but it looks like a fix that should last a good long while.

A SCNOO is somewhere on the wish list, but still pretty far down.
Nice writeup, buzzardkid! If my ribbon breaks, I know what to do. I thought SCNOO was a pretty addition for my IIIb, but it actually works very well. I get 2 fps easily. :)
Fantastic Job!

Thanks for posting the instructions.

I've made the thread a "sticky", anyone else looking to repair this winder will not have to go far to find it.
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Still think I will buy a SCNOO again in due time and again fix it up with a metal tape measure ribbon to replace the silk one with.

After all, it was one of my most successful conversions so far!
You said you installed the shorted strip in this one because you cut your hands on it. I've not found this to be a problem at all, as I advance the winder with my left index finger while holding the camera with my right.
I guess when the tape measure strip wears out I'll be wanting a longer one installed in it again :)
Thanks for the update. I bookmarked this thread because a SCNOO is quickly creeping up my wishlist. Let's hope they remain affordable (um, are the affordable now?). Enjoy my IIIa quite a bit now, but I think a SCNOO will dramatically improve my experience, and look good in the process.
Hi Johan!

Great DIY! I'm waiting for my first SCNOO purchase to arrive to fit
my black Leica II. I've used one rapid winder on rangefinder before,
a canon winder on a Canon II or something. What I like about the SCNOO
compared to Leicavits and others is there is no lever to pull out and put
away. Faster and smaller size, still pocketable.

Best, Rich