Transplant Agfa Isolette III Rangefinder onto a Agfa Isolette II


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9:02 PM
Sep 22, 2023
Hi everyone. I have seen an Isolette II / III advertised online. - That is an Isolette II body (85mm Apotar) with the top of an Isolette III. Has anyone out there done this? If so, any advice or tips? Many thank in advance.
Make sure that both rangefinder and lens have markings using the same units, Meters or Feet. Otherwise, you will need to convert between the two, which is pretty inconvenient.

I have serviced an Isolette III, and suspect that the Isolette II is 80% identical, with the only real difference being the viewfinder/rangefinder and top cover.
I dont see why not, under the top the plates are almost identical, even though I havent tried.
I dissassembled several Isolette IIs and there was a large hole on the opposite side of the film advance that I didnt know what it was for until I got a III and is the one to hold the RF unit.


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