Using Camera Cubes to fly with your gear


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1:27 AM
Mar 22, 2023
Hi Folks,

Over the years I have tried several camera bags. Each one has to let me travel on a plane with my gear. On my last trip, I selected the biggest bag. While I tried not to cram it to the brim, I also wanted the camera bag to be my only bag in the airplane. Everything else would be checked. Not having an extra bag to wrestle off the plane is a relief. So the camera bag has my meds, and my laptop on top of the camera gear.

Because it is my one camera bag, it also comes along where ever I am visiting. It is a cross shoulder type. It weights about 30 lbs. This has been causing me shoulder pain, even though the bag itself has a nice thick padded strap.

What I have been thinking about doing is getting a camera bag insert or a camera packing cube. Something like this:
Pacsafe Camsafe PCI-L Protective Camera Insert (Black)

I would put this in a backpack along with my meds and whatever else. I would limit the gear in the insert to the camera body and lenses. The batteries would also go in the backpack. Pretty much all the rest of the camera gear I have is either more rugged, or has nice protective cases that would protect them. Or if they where destroyed, it would be $100 or less rather then multiple hundreds or possibly thousands. (For instance the filters could go in checked luggage inside their padded cases.)

Once at my destination the plan would be to use a bag more suited to walking around. I prefer a sling bag like the Think Tank turnstyle, but might get a back pack to better distribute weight.

Does anyone have experience with camera cubes? Was it good, bad, or indifferent?