W/NW: Other RFF Members

That Jon guy gets around....

Gabor, Jon (hiding from police), and Maiku

I'm sure I've got more pics of you somewhere, MikeL! Don't make me dig them up and upload them to this thead :p:D

Here's a photo from last weekend when MikeL from San Fransisco was in town. It was a fun meetup!

At Kodoji Bar, Golden-gai, Shinjuku
From the left - Chris, Mike, Amiel
Steve Kessel at the Cask & Glass, Victoria. Jan 2016

Steve Kessel at the Cask & Glass, Victoria. Jan 2016


Leica Typ 240, 28mm Summicron


Leica M6TTL, 35mm Nokton S.C. f1.4, Tri-X @ 400 in TMax 1:4


Leica M6TTL, 50mm Nokton M f1.5, Tri-X @ 400 in TMax 1:4
With Mike, Robert and Kent at the American Bull. Mike and Robert with my 35 Ultron, Kent with Mike's Noctilux.




My good friend, and fellow RFF member, GerryM. This was on one of our recent outings in Medford, Oregon, where we often go out and shoot film and talk about old cameras. Gerry is always up for a photo walk, and always generously assists me with my cameras.

This was taken using my 1955 Rolleiflex 2.8C, and Cinestill 800T.

Untitled by Colton Allen, on Flickr​