W/NW Stairs

I shot this a few years ago through the window of the home in North Adelaide of my great grandfather, an businessman and politician during the late 19th C .

It was a quite grand old mansion originally developed as a Masonic Hall but quickly determined to be too small for the burgeoning growth in this (then) colony of South Australia. For many years it was abandoned and only saved by the government issuing a preservation order due to its historical importance to the state. More recently after perhaps 40 years of neglect the site is being developed - with the home retained as part of the development.

Unfortunately many architectural details were stolen during its years of decay and virtual abandonment, but this is one of the staircases leading to the main entry hall which survived.


Steps at the University of Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden, March 2005.
FED 2, Jupiter-8 50mm f/2.0 and Agfa APX 400 at 1/250 sec and f/11.
Developed in Tmax 4+1 (6) for 13 min at 20 gradC, 3 agitations/min.