W/NW Street Art

The idea of creating a thread for street art was to separate it from graffiti, scribblings on a wall. I have no problems with your chicken, but a commercial sign or ad is usually not considered as art. But today I would not be surprised if somebody hauled a hot dog sign into a gallery and called it art.
Here is an example of street art made from junk.
No doubt the distinction between street art and graffiti is clear to you. I find labels very blurry. Is the difference related to the artistic quality? i.e. is the good stuff "street art" and the lesser quality "graffiti"? Is one with a brush and the other with a spray can? Is "street art" legal but graffiti clandestine? Can it be 3-D as well as 2-D?
There are no clear boundaries in art, one art form usually inspires other art forms. Street art is like any other art form whether it's a painting or a sculpture, but it's permformed in a public space called a street. I don't think slogans, opinions or insults scribbled on a wall should be called art, but that's my opinion. And art has nothing to do with legality.
Not sure if this is Art :)

@Penang, Malaysia.
Art on the edge of a sidewalk.


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