W/NW: Trains and Train Stations

Nikon F3AF, AF-Nikkor f2.8 "D", Fuji Acros I, Rodinal 1:50.

So far with these M lenses I either own (or recently rented) with UT Kolari mod A7r2 (w/notes)...*=winner

35/2 Summicron Canada v3: Very good when cropping to 645 in post, f/2 - f/9
best to crop to 645. corners at full 3:2 almost clear at f/9, f/11 good on tripod at base iso 100ish

35/2.8 Zeiss ZM: good corners at f/4 - f/11, good lens w/UT mod but not as sharp/good as Voigt 35/2 Asph Lanthar M mount

35/3.5 CV Color Skopar: iffy and ok for $300 lens, but would rather have v3 35mm Summicron if a choice. I think this would be
alot better on M film (same w/v3)

*15/4.5 CV Asph good at all f/4.5 - f/11, outstanding on A7r2 mod.
far better than Tri-Elmar at 16mm on Sony UT mod, while 21 no comparison to 21/2.8 Loxia on Sony non-mod
(Loxia 21/2.8 not good on UT mod, smeared edges/corners)

15/4.5 CV pre-Asph: not good, not recommended

25/2.8 Zeiss ZM: good at all from f/2.8, best at f/5.6 - f/8, exc on my A7r2 UT mod, makes me consider selling Q (but no won't do that)

35/4 CV Snapshot Skopar LTM: not good, not recommended on full-frame digital. (good on Sony Nex7 apsc)

90/4 Minolta/Rokkor: not recommended on full-frame digital. (Good on Sony Nex7 apsc)

rented Tri Elmar 16-18-21: not as good as CV 15 on Sony A7r2 UT mod, would never pay $4k to use on Sony (vs what others have said likely without using it), not great at 21 on Sony, but great lens on M10 at all apertures/focals 16 and 21 good on M10 and if I was keeping M10, would buy lens all day.

rented CV 35mm f/2 Lanthar: outstanding from f/5.6 to f/11 for landscape (f/16 not good)
can't edit above, wanted to add I may have an 'off' copy of Tri Elmar, I've seen other examples of this lens doing a lot better on Sony than what I got. Also think I may have an 'exceptional' copy of CV 15/4.5 compared to what others got on tests go figure, not gonna complain.
Leica Q f/8 iso100
St Louis Transport Museum
slight shake (and distortion) at 1/6 second in dark why not sharp as normal, should've sat down & set iso 400, 1/24th (still prints ok 8x10, lesson learned from 4 yrs ago)

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