Weekend Photography Plans: What are you up to?

It is Friday again! I still have no set plans on what to do (photographically related) during the weekend. My camera bag is ready; M10 with Pentax-M 50/1.4 and M9 with a 35mm/2 Summicron "replica".

What are your activities for the weekend?
Last weekend I photographed a reception at our local Art Gallery, this weekend I'm laying new flooring in our kitchen.

Jim B.
We have 40's and 50's with louds and some rain. There will be lows in the 30's F in a few days though.
I’m going to buy some batteries for my Bessa R. Figure what film to load & go for a walk. Will probably be next Saturday. Then see if my chemicals are still any good.
We recently had a decent snow dump. Friends in Vietnam have asked me to make some photos. If I'm feeling brave and strong enough, I'll do just that. Have a great weekend! Cheers, OtL
End of an era: I have five shots of Spectra film left and then it’s all gone.

Last month I used the last of the Spectra color - I’d saved it for about four years, so the resulting prints were faded

The first three shots of the B&W I expected to withstand time better, but I made the photos in cold weather and couldn’t get them warm enough during development. Nevertheless, the images are pleasing. Although these photos are landscapes with a blue sky background, the cold temperatures during development gives these photos an appearance of having been made with old blue-sensitive orthochromatic film or having been made in fog.
It's still cold here and because of my stiff neck I oprecfer to stay home in the weekend.
I'll brouse throug my LR files in search of forgotten but somehow interesting photos to post on RFF!
Loaded my Bessa R with some expired Arista 400 b&w film. Carried the camera with me as I was out. Took a couple of shots. Back home now being overcast outside.
Took my newly CLA'd Retina IIa out for a walk, loaded with HP5+.
Just finished developing two rolls of HP5+ and then a roll of Tri-X.
So far I like what I'm seeing when I peeked at the negs from the Retina.
No particular events, but I got out my Pentax K3, put on the 31mm Limited lens, charged up the battery, and snapped a few snaps on my walks yesterday and today. Nice camera!
I'm in the middle of testing a Reid camera, but didn't get to fill up a full roll over the weekend.
Camera is sporting a 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar.

Cleaned up a Balda 35mm and working on reviving a Ihagee EXA IIb with a sluggish shutter curtain.